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Once asked where he prefers to spend his downtime, in the mountains, in the desert or on a beach, Vinny Cervoni with complete sincerity responded, “in Wallingford.”  It is this passion for Wallingford and his desire for the Wallingford community to be equally proud of their hometown that gave rise to his various roles in our town government over the past 20 plus years.


The son of immigrants, Enrico and Maria, Vinny’s childhood home was filled with his extended Italian family, amazing food, music and lots of love.  Vinny has kept his heritage alive through his ability to speak fluent Italian and by visiting his family in Italy, including staying in his father’s childhood home.  In the Cervoni family home there was also a focus on education, pride in country, and service to others. Being present for his mother’s naturalization ceremony was a gift, and to this day has been the catalyst for Vinny’s work as an attorney and a volunteer helping to enrich the lives of immigrants. 

A skilled musician and performer, Vinny was inspired at a young age, in part, by Elvis.  His passion for music emerged at the age of six and he began mastering the guitar at age twelve.  While tempted by a career in the music world, the importance of public service as instilled throughout his early life led to his career as an attorney.  Never one to let skills go to waste, you can often find Vinny performing with one of his two bands or on stage at local community theaters.

Vinny is married to Jane Callanan, an accomplished attorney, and enjoys homelife with their dogs Jeter and Hawkins. You will often find Vinny and Jane around town with their pups answering the common question of “who is walking who?” As avid dog lovers, Jane and Vinny have provided a forever home to a number of rescue pups over the years, including two from our very own Wallingford Animal Shelter. Jane and Vinny also enjoy skiing in Vermont and cycling. 

Vinny has practiced law since 1994. The Cervoni Law Office, LLC was established in 2012 and is located on North Main Street. Throughout his professional career, Vinny has represented municipalities, public utilities, individuals, estates, and small businesses, and assisted with a wide range of matters.*  A 1990 Fairfield University and 1993 Quinnipiac University Law School graduate, he has been a steady presence in Wallingford throughout his legal career. 

Vinny currently serves as the Chair of the Wallingford Town Council, a position he has held since 2014. First elected to the council in 2009, Vinny diligently assessed the town’s financial needs and promptly worked to bolster the budget, quickly becoming known for his understanding of town operations and leading him to advance to the position of Vice Chair - which he held from 2012 to 2014. 

During his tenure on Town Council, Vinny has demonstrated his steadfast leadership skills and willingness to collaborate.  In addition, Vinny’s ability to assess risk, develop thoughtful policy positions, and negotiate contracts has helped shape Wallingford into the affordable yet thriving community it is.

With Vinny’s guidance, the Wallingford Town Council was the first town agency to operate remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic, assuring transparency and accessibility in town government. After a multi-year grassroots initiative, Vinny also stepped in for several years to lead fundraising efforts to save Wallingford’s beloved fireworks display.

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